Friday, 18 January 2013

GLOSSA - learn Greek on-line / GLOSSA nauka greckiego on-line

The second editon of  the project GLOSSA starts on Jan 28th. This time you have to pay 300 Euro for this 5 months e-learning course. 
If you want to master your knowledge of Greek and have some time to follow it I can recommend it since I did it myself last year.

Druga edycja projektu GLOSSA rusza już 28 stycznia. Tym razem trzeba wnieść opłatę 300 euro za 5 miesięczny kurs e-learningowy. 
Jeśli chcesz podszlifować swój grecki i możesz na to poświęcić trochę czasu, to polecam, gdyż sama go ukończyłam w zeszłym roku.

GLOSSA is a European Union education project within the Lifelong Learning Program KA2 - Languages. The aim of the project was to create resources for language educators and authorities all over Europe.

The goal of the project was to develop methodologies, practices and courses specifically to help the development of language learning and teaching of less widely taught languages in Europe. This has been achieved by:

• Building methodologies for learning in online environments (advanced level language learning & autonomous learning)
• Developing Greek e-learning multimedia courses at C1 & C2 levels (CEF)
• Creating transferability to other European languages
• Developing a common European professional profile for language teachers
• Adapting an accreditation tool for language teaching skills in non-formal and informal environment

The project lasted for 3 years and has been implemented by partners with a wide experience in online language learning. See partners.
From January 2013 onwards the GLOSSA project partners will offer Greek Language courses to students interested in C1 and C2 levels, at a low cost.
Fees are 300 euro and include:

• 5 months of online courses through the GLOSSA educational platform - with a 2-week break after the first two and a half months
• plus one month for feedback and personal reviewing
• one hour/week synchronous online course through Skype
• personal support to each student
• certificate of attendance or certificate of successful completion.

For enrolments and information please contact the websites of the HELLENIC CULTURE CENTRE ( and ACTION SYNERGY ( in Athens-Greece and CENTRO ELLENICO DI CULTURA ( in Milano-Italy.

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